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Xanadu Surf Designs

At Stuart Surf Design, we are the Australian licensed dealer and manufacturer of Californian based surfboard manufacturer and surf shop, Xanadu Surf Designs. You can find a dedicated area in our surf shop of their unique surfboard model range and any of their models found on their website can be made for custom order in our store.

Xanadu Surf Designs was established in 1989 and their factory surf shop is located in one of the surfing capitals of the world, California, USA. Renowned surfboard shaper, Xanadu, brings a wealth of knowledge to his craft with his worldly experience of surfing and developing his shaping skills in Australia, Japan, Hawaii, Indonesia, South and Central America, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, and Europe. 

Xanadu Surf Designs surfboards have made the rounds on the pro circuit of the World Surf League (WSL) and among the surfing elite for many years. Not only are the designs highly regarded by the professionals for their performance, the designs are also at the forefront of the retro style design and give a nod to the history of surfing culture. 

Popular Xanadu Surf Designs surfboards we regularly craft for custom order at Stuart Surf Design include the Wing Twin, Viper, Piglet and Wave Rocket 2 models – just to name a few. View more of Xanadu Surf Designs surfboard range here where any of these models can be made to order at Stuart Surf Design, right here on the Gold Coast.

Xanadu Surf Designs popular surfboard models

The Wing Twin is your classic twin fin surfboard model with a unique 70’s outline combined with a post modern rocker design. This surfboard has a vee bottom flowing into double concave vee out the back.

The Viper is part of Xanadu Surf Designs high performance range which is ideal for your intermediate to pro surfer who wants to excel in waves waist high to head high.

The Piglet is known as the hybrid performance surfboard model and has taken inspiration from the same front end of the Pig 2, but a different rounder back end, and a slightly different rocker. 

The Wave Rocket 2 is a retro small wave model with a deep swallow tail. This surfboard has a flatter entry rocker with a pretty round outline. It also features a flatter deck and full rails for more buoyancy and better performance in gutless waves.

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