X F-RAP Technology

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Technology behind Stuart surfboards

The Seastorm Research and Development program at Stuart Surf Design focuses on innovation through enhancing surfboards to perform in new ways and challenge the status quo in the surfing industry.

A problem we encounter at our surf shop is that surfboards featuring central ply wooden stringers simply do not flex enough and make the surfboard heavier using this material. This reduces flex and potential energy stored by the surfboard and can lead to the surfboard feeling slower off the mark. Performance levels are often compromised including the wooden stringer in the design which led us to the obvious question; how do we unleash the potential?

After years of testing and refining this technology we are proud to deliver something new to keen surfers looking to expand their expertise with this new tech out in the ocean.

X F-Rap surfboard technology

This technology is the PU (Polyurethane) X F-RAP and EPS (Epoxy and Polystyrene) X F-RAP. These designs had a focus and goal in mind to achieve – to add strength, flexibility and durability to a surfboard whilst also trying to keep it lighter to optimise flotation and speed off the mark. To achieve these goals we have incorporated in these designs to:

  • lay down sheets of carbon to increase strength and durability
  • add deck channels for strength and assist with parabolic flex
  • remove the wooden stringer to make the surfboard more flexible and lighter.

With these modifications we have been able to achieve enhanced performance through decreasing the weight of the surfboard where this leads to increased speed, more spring and flex. These features make the surfboard snappier off the top plus more spring and speed out of turns.

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PU (Polyurethane) X F-RAP – Additional $150

Polyurethane while not as light as Epoxy Polystyrene has a much more flexible nature due to the structure of the fibres in polyurethane where it really binds the structure together. Flex is the key to making the surfboard compress as you turn with added flex and spring to provide different feeling to a regular surfboard with a stringer which is more rigid than this. These materials still make this a very versatile and practical surfboard for all conditions. Available only for our Bender – X, Bender Mini Gun (BMG – X), Bender X Step and Pantera – X surfboard models.

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EPS (Epoxy and Polystyrene) X F-RAP – Additional $250

Epoxy and Polystyrene is resin and foam combination which provides surfers with a lighter surfboard in their quiver. The combination of the epoxy resin with the carbon sheets and the deck channels makes for a durable and robust surfboard. A lighter surfboard can give the sensation of a more spontaneous turn and increased flotation.  Available only for our Bender – X, Bender Mini Gun (BMG – X), Bender X Step and Pantera – X surfboard models.

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